Photographs by Enid Sheldon from the 1980's

Uploaded 24/05/2008

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Otley ByPass 

Otley By-Pass opened 22nd Aug. 1984
using the Railway line which was closed by 
Dr. Beeching in the 1960ís

Ilkley Roads Inglewood New Footbridge
Ilkley Roads.jpg
New and Old Ilkley Roads

To be demolished

New Footbridge.jpg
Photo from the old SilverMill Hill bridge

New Road Roundabout The Old Railway Line 1
New Road.jpg
Roll of felt under the new road at the end of West Busk Lane

Inglewood wa demolished making Clifton Villas visiblle beyond the roundabout.

The Old Railway Line 1.jpg

The Old Railway Line 2 Willow Bank  
The Old Railway Line 2.jpg
Photo from the old SilverMill Hill bridge

Willow Bank.jpg