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Prayer Breakfast

In Otley among the many  "Council of Churches" events and co-operations throughout the year, we are pleased to have a monthly Prayer Breakfast.

On the first Saturday of each month we get together for 8.00 am. rolls & coffee and feast together before worship at 8.30.

All are welcome

Approximately 50 people attend and we are pleased to be graced, most months, by the presence of all the church ministers who do not necessarily take a leading role.

Each month a different church, church hall or parlour is used and various individuals or groups within each church lead. Worship varies from in style from meditative prayer to faith sharing.

The gains in terms of spiritual fellowship are obvious, but from a practical point of view it can be seen that this regular and consistent gathering offers an opportunity for immediate communication and subsequent growth.

These truly ecumenical times of sharing act as a springboard for many other developments in the town.


Dates and venues for 2018

5 January 2019 Methodist Church New Life Church
2 February 2019 Methodist Church Methodists
2 March 2019 Catholic Centre Catholics
6 April 2019 Parish Church Parish Church
4 May 2019 URC Bridge St . URC
1 June 2019 Methodist Church New Life Church
6 July 2019 Methodist Church Methodists
3 Aug 2019 Catholic Centre Catholics
2 September 2019 Parish Church Parish Church
5 October 2019 URC Bridge St . URC
2 November 2019 Methodist Church New Life Church
7 December 2019 Methodist Church Methodists