Feedback from the Volunteer Showcase June 2008

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We thought you might be interested in the feedback gathered from the above event.

Would you volunteer?
Possibly: 18,
Definitely: 10,
Not Likely: 4
Relevance of Event?
Very Relevant: 15,
Quite Relevant: 13,
Invaluable: 3,
Not Very Relevant: 2
Event Rating:
Very Good: 14,
Excellent: 9,
Good: 7,
Average: 3


Type of volunteering interested inů.

Well organised
Good idea
Very welcoming,
Varied activities
Learnt about new orgs
Good variety of services
Helpful and encouraging
Friendly and professional event
Excellently put together
Friendly atmosphere, variety
Very informative & useful
Gave ideas re local orgs and how approachable they are
Use one stop shop for publicity
Good networking opportunity & info. sharing
Very well organised

Conservation/Dry Stone Walling,
Courthouse/ Walking group
Driver for OAOP/ Charity Shops
Elderley Care
Chevin Park,
Talking Newspaper
Older People
Older People, BHF, OAOP
Otley Action/ Wheatfields
Otley Based Organisations
PDSA, Chevin Forest,
Sailing Club, BHF,
Young People, Youth Work


Arrived late afternoon, all stalls were packed up

Not enough public

Entertainment too loud


Can we keep speakers within main exhibition?

Repeat event during evening / weekend

Can we get more public to the event?

Raychel and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended, the volunteers who helped and Otley Town and Leeds City Council for making this event possible.

Questionnaires were filled in on the day and entered into a prize draw for 4 Family Day rover tickets, donated by Metro and the winners were as followed:

Mary Bell, Ray Dawes, Rob Swithinbank and Trevor Davey who donated his as a raffle prize to the Riding For the Disabled.

Feedback from organisations in attendance

Shared Training Needs of organisations were in; First Aid, Manual Handling, Health & Safety,Food Hygiene Training, Listening & Responding.

Roles ranged from Fundraiser, Administrative Help, Customer Service Work, Help with transport, Trips, Newsletter stuffing, Reception.

Hours Worked by the majority of Volunteers were varied.

Geographical Spread
4 of the organisations were regional/national
9 are purely Otley based,
3 Stretch beyond Otley into adjoining towns

Recruitment of Volunteers were mainly by Word of Mouth, next most popular tool was via the web or newspaper

Inductions are done by 13 organisation but 7 did not

Number of Volunteers
3 groups had 20 volunteers,
3 groups had 50 volunteers.
One of the regional groups had 150 volunteers.

All the groups expressed the need for more volunteers

There are approx. 500 volunteers in this area working for those organisations represented on the day.

Results from attendees questionnaires

How did you hear about the event?
Via their own volunteering organisation: 12,
Word of mouth: 8,
Invite: 5,
Publicity leaflets: 3,
Passing by; 2

Modes of transport;
16 by foot,
14 by car,
4 by public transport

Gender of attendees; 26 female, 8 male

Age of attendees;
Under 18: 3,        18-30: 1       30-60: 20,       Over 60:11,