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Bus Services in West Yorks & the Future… Neale Wallace (Metro)  

17th September 2015

Transport, both now and in the future is a social necessity and needs planning to obtain the best services. Neale Wallace, who is employed by Metro, told us about his efforts over the last 15 years to improve and develop the future bus services in West Yorkshire. He has been connected with transport for over 40 years and 6 years ago started working on the bus strategy for West Yorkshire.

 He told us that the X84 route, run by First Bus, is self supporting except in the early mornings and evenings, for these two periods it is funded by the Metro. A grant of

 19 million pounds is received from central government to cover some of the costs of running bus services such as school buses and special buses for the disabled.

 Not only do Metro run buses but the also own all the bus stations in West Yorkshire with the exception of Wakefield, owned by Arriva and Otley owned by First Bus.

First Bus would like Metro to take over Otley, but this is beyond the budget available and is unlikely to happen. Metro also own all 14,500 bus stops plus shelters and signs.

 Neale answered questions at the end of his talk and when questioned about Senior Citizens Bus Passes told us that the average cost per journey was 53 pence.

 Our next meeting takes place again at Otley Methodist Church Hall at 10-00 am on Thursday 1st October when Allan Stuttard will tell us about “A Yorkshire Man in the Lancashire League”.

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