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The Time of Your Life (Cont’d) 1964-1967….. David Davis     

 3rd September 2015

On February 5th  David Davis gave us his first talk “The Time of Your Life”; today he gave us his second which covered the years 1964 to 1997. We heard about Harold Wilson, who won four elections, and the Churchill Funeral in 1965 and that during the 60’s Julie Andrews and the Sound of Music was more popular than the Beatles. The Torry Canyon disaster that alerted the oil industry to its lack of suitable vessels for shipping oil, was also described.

  Cunard was lost to Britain due to the QE2 disaster in 1967. Although the Clyde ship builders had never delivered a ship on time since the 2nd World War Cunard did not have a penalty clause and its late delivery made them  bankrupt. This was a sign of the times and the inadequate management by amateur managers and directors that plagued British Industry.

 We heard of the Grosvenor Square demonstration against the war in south east Asia.

Ted Heath became the Prime Minister and in the 70’s Scargill ran the Unions. Over one billion pounds was given to British Leyland but the quality of their cars and their productivity went down.

 Fortunately for Margaret Thatcher Argentine raided the Falklands and her reaction, the saving of our territory, and our magnificent fighting machine that did it.

All our members enjoyed this talk and David was thanked by our President David McDowell.

 Our next meeting, again at the Methodist Church, is on Thursday 17th September at 10-00am when Neale Wallace will tell us about “The Future of Bus Services in West Yorkshire”.     

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