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A Grand Project

Chris Richardson

10th May 2012

This Thursday Jemma Vaughan, assisted by Geraldine Wordsworth gave us a short talk entitled “A Grand Project”. This was about the renovation of York Street Cinema in Clitheroe.

Jemma told us that the old cinema was renovated using funds supplied by The Lancaster Foundation, a Christian charity started by John Lancaster MBE after he sold Ultraframe (UK) Ltd.

The aim of the renovation was to create a social place at the heart of the community that would give individuals “room to innovate, educate, and elevate their aspirations and dreams”.

 In excess of £3M was spent on creating this centre for Music and Art for which the Events Guide for 2012, advertises many different productions, indicating that it is a successful project.

 From jazz pianist Dorian Ford and his trio as well as Clare Teal the music programme descends to rock and pop, whilst in the theatre they will be presenting “Romeo and Juliet”.  

The brevity of the talk gave time for many questions before Clive Moynes gave a critical and eloquent vote of thanks.  

For our next meeting we are very fortunate to have Stuart Pickersgill to give us a virtual tour of Old Otley with photographs from the Otley Museum archive. This will be on Thursday 24th May in Otley Methodist Church at 10.00am.  

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