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 Martin House Childrens Hospice

Sarah Tarpey

26th April 2012

Although , Chief Fund Raiser for Martin House Childrens Hospice, came at short notice her talk was exemplary. She held our attention with her knowledgeable and fascinating presentation that ensured we understood the staff’s dedication to the task of providing help to the families and their children with life limiting medical conditions.  

Her enthusiasm shone through like a radiant beacon as she explained in detail the facilities available for and the care given to children unfortunately in need of the help they provide.

 Opened 25 years ago in Boston Spa with money raised from the generosity of Yorkshire people it has gradually expanded to become an institution of great merit that is currently helping about 400 families. Both residential and palliative care is offered free of charge. Being a charity and not government funded they rely entirely on public donations, their own organisation of fund raising events as well as corporate donations and legacies.

 Having expanded within the six acre area to the present size which includes two residential areas, one for younger children and one called Whitby Lodge opened 15 years ago for teenagers and with 200, mostly part time staff, plus the large garden and cooking facilities over 5 million pounds per year is required to fund the Hospice.

 There are at least 400 volunteers and Ambassadors who both help to publicise, maintain and run the Hospice. They even run six shops to raise money: the nearest to us being Yeadon.

Sarah was thanked by Keith Foster who described her talk as revealing and uplifting.

 Our next meeting is at 10-00am at Otley Methodist Church on Thursday 10th May when Chris Richardson will tell us about a “Grand Project”.

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