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15th March 2012

Back in 2007 Tony Hartigan and Michael Lydon, both members of the Sylvia Wright Trust, came to the Forum and gave us an enlightening talk about the work done by Silvia over the last thirty years in Southern India . Tony visited us again and after our AGM gave us a short reminder of the wonderful work that Silvia continues to do to help the Indians.

She has created, a modern 220 bed hospital, a boarding school for deaf children, and quite remarkably a nursing college for over 60 students. This year she was 74 and celebrated 30 years working in India . As part of this celebration she will be in her home county of Yorkshire for a few weeks and will speak at a special Open Meeting at Otley Methodist Church on Thursday 19th April at 10-00am. This will be followed by her appearance on a Radio Leeds programme at 2-00pm the same day. There will also be a Service of Celebration at Leeds Cathedral on Sunday 22nd April at 2.30pm.

Our second short talk was completely different, it was humour all the way. David McDowell, a retired Wharfedale Veterinarian, told us numerous funny stories about the farming community and rivalled a more famous raconteur in the quality of his stories.

Both these short talks concluded our AGM after the finalising of the necessary business.

John Morgan retired as President, his place being taken by Vic Heffer. Bryan Dexter moved up to the position of Chairman and due to lack of a volunteer will also continue as Secretary.

Clive Moyns agreed to become Vice Chairman and all the other officers and committee members agreed to continue in their positions.

We have a Ladies Night Dinner on Saturday 24th March at which our entertainers will be “Ladies Please” a Ladies Choir from Menston.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 29th March at 10-00am at Otley Methodist Church when Mr Alan Pugh will tell us about Sir Titus Salt.

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