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 A Guided Tour of Yorkgate Gardens

Meg Morton

2nd February 2012

Although he died at the young age of 47 in 1982 Robin Spencer’s contribution to horticulture was quite remarkable. His parents bought York Gate House in 1951 mainly for their equine interests but after selling buildings and land which reduced the size of the holding from six to one acre they started to develop that acre into a garden. This became Robin’s hobby and his innovative concepts produced a garden that is visited by many folk today.

In her illustrated talk “A guided tour of York Gate” Meg Morton told us about the garden and its fourteen separate small gardens that had been developed by Robin and his mother Sybil.

After Robin died his mother continued to run the garden for a further twelve years. It was open to the public whose entrance fees helped fund Sybil’s contributions to “Perennial” the horticulturists’ charity.

When she died in 1994 Sybil left the house and garden to Perennial who now, with the aid of volunteers, run it for the enjoyment of the public and to raise money for the charity.

From the high quality slides shewn to us it was apparent that any one with the slightest interest in gardening would enjoy visiting York Gate in Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Not only would they get enjoyment but would also be contributing to Perennial and helping poor and impoverished retired gardeners and their families.

Keith Foster, after first dwelling on rhubarb, thanked Meg for her splendid talk.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 16th February 2012 at 10-00 am at Otley Methodist Church .

Mr Pat Clarke will tell us about “Walking the Leeds-Liverpool Canal ”. 

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