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Fair Trade

Brian Bruce

6th Oct 2011

Bolton ’s football grounds, Burnden Park & Reebok Stadium are notable for two entirely different reasons. Firstly the old Burden Park for Nat Lofthouse and secondly the new Reebok Stadium for banana eating: there Bolton school children ate 6,000 bananas to publicise & raise money for “Fair Trade”.


Chairman of Bolton Steering Group for Fair Trade, Brian Bruce told us of this great eat and of other ways his group try to obtain income for the Foundation.


He told us that “The Fair Trade Foundation” was started to obtain better deals for producers in poorer parts of the world. They strive to put producers first and to maintain prices above production costs. He illustrated the successes by showing that over 4500 products are FT and that from 2010 to the present sales have increased by 40% to £ 1.15 billion.


Expansion is crucial but it has to be within the FT constraints such as, Democratic Organization, no child labour and the acceptance of Trade Unions. The price of FT products must cover costs and have the addition of a social premium. To help producers advance payments are made and contracts written. Numerous towns and villages have joined and over 500 encourage Fair Trade.


At the end of his talk Brian received and answered many questions.  

Our next meeting takes place on Thursday 20th October at 10-00 am in Otley Methodist Church when John Gilleghan MBE will tell us about “German Imperial Cities”.


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