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 The History and Work of UNICEF
Mr Adrian Gaskin


1st April 2010

Our first meeting in our new venue, the Otley Methodist Church , was to hear a talk by Mr Adrian Gaskin about UNICEF. Originally called the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund when set up in December 1946 to help children in countries devastated by the Second World War it had its name shortened when it became a permanent part of the UN in 1953, but has continued to be known by its acronym. Mr Gaskin told us of its development and how well known people such as Audrey Hepburn, Danny Kaye, and Sir Peter Ustinov became Ambassadors and promoted its good work.

In Britain it is a registered charity where many volunteers like Mr Gaskin work hard raising money to fund its help to children. He described the work he had seen being done with the monies raised and broke it down into subjects to clarify his story.


Inoculation is a very big programme with over 3.2 billion doses of vaccine being used. One of the sponsors of this programme with his generous donations is Bill Gates the man who founded Microsoft.

Education, Protection, and Training are very important programmes being conducted in various countries but the essentials “Water and Food” are the necessary requirements of many children in countries devastated by War, Famine, Flood and Earthquake.


UNICEF helps to provide drinkable water by constructing wells. It also provides water cleaning tablets and sachets that cost only three pence and clean a litre of water almost immediately to give to dehydrated victims of disaster.

Before answering questions about his good work Mr Gaskin closed his talk by telling us about fund raising in Leeds Market and the IKEA store where £12,000 was raised last year.  

Our next meeting, again in Otley Methodist Church, is on Thursday April 15th 2010 at 10-00am when our very own Chairman Mr John Morgan will give a talk entitled “Your Choice”.


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