How it works in Leeds 

     Food comes from Supermarket Shoppers generosity and from cash collected from businesses, schools, churches etc

     Stored in small warehouse double garage size

     Organised into food parcels enough for 3 days for a family

     Distributed through an outlet on certain days of the week from a suitable place church hall community centre

     Food is supplied on a voucher system

     Some food banks offer either coffee or a meal, but definitely someone to talk to those in need.

     Volunteers are needed

     Three strikes per year - Families in need can have three parcels a year.

     Food bank can consider distributing hygiene products and clothes

     Managing supply and demand is a real challenge  

     Difficult to access need so good communications with the frontline workers are important.

     It was felt by the meeting the need is going to grow.

     The Leeds Food Banks run under the structure of the Trussell Trust