Easter 2008
Forty Years of The Chevin Cross

Photogallery from 2008

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Photogallery of 7.00am Easter Sunday Service 2008

It is forty years since the first cross was erected 
on the Chevin by the people of Otley.

First erected 40 years ago as a churches joint venture.
When possible it is put up two weeks before Easter and removed two weeks after.

Traditionally services at 7.00am Sunday morning and 3.00pm although now the afternoon service is not held.

In about 1997 the cross was sawn down with a chain saw in the middle of the night.
Thanks to the help throughout the town it was repaired and re-erected within 24 hours.
A new cross was built and erected for the first time for Christmas Millennium 
celebrations 1999-2000.
In 2001 the Cross was not erected because of the restrictions caused by 
foot and mouth disease. 
2008 is the earliest Easter could be but for 1 day.

In 2008 to celebrate 40 years, the CTO had produced a stainless steel plaque to be fixed to the cross.

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Articles regarding the Cross in the Churches Newsletter 1999-2000

Photogallery from 2008

Photogallery of 7.00am Easter Sunday Service 2008

Photogallery from Christmas 1999-2000

Poem for 40 years of Chevin Cross

Plaque Details 

Market Place Cross
For many years there has also be a cross put up in Otley market place.
It used to be positioned in the middle but in recent years the mounting hole has been moved by the council to the side of the square.

The Cross in Otley Market Place

The Cross in Otley Market Place

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