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Many churches in Otley now have their own website. This may seem trivial, for those who have not yet experienced the internet, but the many that have regular access to the internet will appreciate the benefits.


Email enables information to flow quickly from church to church and group to group, but we need to ensure that the routes of communication always end up where everyone can have access.


The Otley Churches Together website can be found on





In Hope

Two years ago the Otley Council of Churches produced a newsletter to celebrate the Millennium and inform members of the churches of the various activities in Otley.

The reality of this sad situation encumbers us with the responsibility to be involved in what is happening, learn to understand the issues as best we can and be prepared to shine with God's light when required; perhaps all the time. The nation's religious communities, Christian churches and other world religions are speaking out more in areas that traditionally they did not.

The Otley Churches have striven to respond to situations as best they could. As a group the churches come together with a new name: OTLEY CHURCHES TOGETHER. The simplicity of these three words hopefully will express what we are trying to do. This newsletter gives an indication of what we are doing and what we are attempting to do.

Raoul Guise

It seems that as we enter 2002 there is not much to celebrate. Foot and mouth disease has taken its toll on this community as on many others in England, and the hopes for peace so strongly expressed at the new year of 2000 have been shattered by the events of 11th Sept . It seems that humanity can only respond to violence with violence, and that decision makers cannot allow themselves to be unduly influenced by religious philosophy and teaching.




Diary of Events

14 Dec


Youth Forum 8.00pm at Methodist Church

24 Dec


Carol singing at Wharfedale Hospital 8.00pm

25 Dec


Christmas Day

Year 2002

5 Jan


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

13-20 Jan

Octave of prayer for Christian Unity

20 Jan


Unity gathering - tea + + 3.00pm Methodist Church

23 Jan


OCT meeting at 7.30 p.m. Parish Room

2 Feb


Prayer Breakfast

13 Feb

Ash Wednesday

18 Feb


Start of Lent Study courses

2 Mar


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

OCT meeting at 7.30 p.m.

16 Mar


Large Cross to go up

31 Mar


Easter Day (+ BST starts)

Plan for 7.00am Chevin service

& 3.00 Chevin Service

6 Apr


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

13 Apr


Large Cross to come down

4 May


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

OCT meeting at 7.30 p.m.

12-18 May

Christian Aid Week

1 Jun


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

6 Jul


Prayer Breakfast

OCT meeting at 7.30 p.m. AGM

3 Aug


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

7 Sep


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

5 Oct


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

2 Nov


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

7 Dec


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

Year 2003

4 Jan


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

1 Feb


Prayer Breakfast 8.00am

Since the last newsletter we welcome three new ministers to the town:

Fr.Tom O'Connor, Major Linda Watson and Heather Pollard

We hope that they feel welcomed at part of the town.

From the Ministers

Today pollution has become a big issue, and rightly so.
People want clean water, clean air and clean food. But we should be even more concerned about the most dangerous pollution of all, namely, evil.
Pride, anger, hate, lust, greed, envy … all of these are dangerous pollutants.
So what must we do ?
We must purify the source: the heart is the source. It is the well-spring from which all our thoughts, words and deeds flow. If the hear is clean, all that flows from it will be clean. Blessed are the clean of heart; they shall see God.

Fr.Tom O'Connor

Otley Methodist Church

Otley Churches Together embodies for me the essential character of the Christian faith. Jesus prayed that his followers would be one. I have always encouraged a close association between the churches of the town. I hope we will continue to work and worship together throughout the year.

The Methodist Church has begun an ambitious redevelopment programme. We hope to raise some £300,000 to refurbish our premises. Our plans include a new entrance on Walkergate, enhancement of present facilities and improved access for disabled persons. This will enable our fellowship to care for those who use our premises and be a means of mission to the community. The Methodist Church is not bricks and mortar; the church is the people of faith. The building gives our church family a home, it is also a means of serving the community.

The Methodist Church seeks to work with other Christians in Otley to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel, the good news of Jesus, is built with the building blocks of faith – love being the foundation stone. I trust that we may refurbish our commitment to working together in order to worship and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Every blessing Alistair Newton


Every Sunday 3.30 - 4.00

please join for 30 minutes a silent vigil under the Buttercross


A Credit Union for Otley

Plans are going ahead for a Credit Union is Otley. It will be based in Otley but be a branch of the Leeds City Credit Union.

What is a Credit Union?

It is organisation for members to use as a saving scheme. If you are a member and a regular saver you will be able to borrow money up to 3 times what you have saved at a reasonable interest. Members can get advice and guidance on saving and budgeting issues, and the Union is there to help in a crisis. The rate of interest for borrowing is about 12.5% and there is a dividend on savings of about 4.5% .

These figures are independent of the bank rate. The organisation will need volunteers for some of the work in Otley and, if the scheme gets off the ground and there is proven need, we are looking to a full-time branch in a couple of years.


Anyone who lives or works in the Leeds (and Otley) area is free to become a member, and there are a number of other benefits such as insurance. A Credit Union is an ideal way of putting money aside, for people without a bank account or credit facilities.

Please watch out for further developments.

If you are interested in any way for further details, please contact Raoul Guise 463351 or Leeds City Credit Union 0113 214 525 www.leedscitycreditunion.co.uk

The Lent Courses

For many years now the Council of Churches has set up a 5-week course each Lent.

Groups of 4 to 8 people from different traditions meet to discuss the range of topics for the current year. The course for 2002 is from Churches Together in England & Ireland and is "Called to be Saints" - How, when and where are we called?

Watch out for details in January 2002 !!

Just for interest there is a children's version of the course on the Internet : at www.ctbi.org.uk/lent



According to recent statistical analysis from "Faith in Schools", less than 1% of young people aged 11 to 18 across the city of Leeds are actively following Jesus Christ. Here in Otley that same statistic is probably also true. This heightened awareness of the desperateness of the situation led to a number of churches designating the whole of November as a month of prayer for young people. There have been many prayer meetings across the city; 25th November was designated specifically as Youth Sunday and Otley churches were involved in this.

In Otley there was a recent meeting when representatives from the various churches met to discuss the numbers of youth and their involvement in our churches. We heard about much good work that had been going on but recognised that there was an urgent need to work together more if we were going to see any real impact being made on non-Christian youth in the town.

It was agreed too that we needed to engage young people currently involved in our churches with any new initiatives, so a meeting was planned for mid-December.

We are very encouraged by a new willingness to work together and, as the New Year begins, we are trusting that new opportunities will emerge so that we can reach out more effectively to the youth of the town. There are possibly two main ways in which we need to operate together. Firstly through the level of relationship that the small group provides. There may be the possibility of developing youth cells. Secondly we recognised that young people like the bigger events where something is seen to be "happening". Also a new "Faith in Schools" worker, Jo Dixon, was appointed to work in Prince Henry's and hopes to start soon, so this link is vital too. Please continue to pray for a clear sense of vision and a willingness to work together in new ways as this new initiative begins to take off.


Paul Lancaster


By now the Youth Forum will have taken place on 14th December.

We hope that this will lead to exciting new plans.

My faith embraces our historic Peace Testimony and a long tradition of non-violence and direct action. It is a faith that challenges me to work, under God’s guidance, for a just, peaceful, open and caring society.

Advice and Queries 1 No. 34 reminds me of my responsibilities as a citizen for the conduct of local, national and international affairs … and that I should not shrink from the time and effort my involvement may demand.

I know that I have a responsibility to raise questions about things I believe to be wrong, and I try to do this through my work in CAAB.2

The talk included serious discussion about the importance of Menwith Hill Station within the plan for Star Wars and how America considers domination of SPACE as vital to their national security.


  1. Advice and Queries is a Quaker 'check list' offering detailed guidance for Christian living.
  2. CAAB (Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases) is an organisation in Otley working within the Peace Movement.

Further details and information available from:

CAAB 8 Park Row, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 1HQ

Tel/fax no: 01943 466405

email: anni@caab.org.uk Website: http://www.caab.org.uk

Week of Prayer for Peace and One World Week

On the 24th October members of the churches were invited to attend a talk given by Lindis Percy and Anni Rainbow about issues related to Menwith Hill, Star Wars and the Peace Movement. The talk was extremely illuminating and in a reasoned way gives cause for concern. By way of introduction Anni gave us an insight into how she found herself led into her work for peace.

A Journey in Peace - Anni Rainbow

I grew up in a family of strong Anglican Christian beliefs. This gave me a solid foundation to my life although I was later to find my spiritual home with the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

College in London in the late 60s was a time of great political awareness for me and great upheaval for the world … Vietnam, Kashmir, Arab-Israeli Wars, Biafra. I was surrounded by students from many different cultures, faiths and backgrounds where political and spiritual debate was encouraged. We were full of the optimism of youth and the despair of reality and we knew that we had to try and change the old ways of doing things if the next generation were to stand a chance of inheriting a world fit for all to live in.

The Vietnam War highlighted for me the depths that we humans can sink to in the name of freedom and democracy. It taught me much about how fear, ignorance and secrecy breeds complacency and acceptance of the unacceptable. Horrific weapons - napalm, defoliation agents, fragmentation bombs - were being dropped on a people chosen as ‘the enemy’ by a Superpower; a Superpower that had already made and dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As my horror of war grew so did my spiritual questioning. When American cruise missiles came to Greenham Common in the 80s I picked up my telephone and very nervously rang the Ministry of Defence to lodge my objection. Later I spent one night a week at Greenham doing a regular ‘night-watch’ at Indigo Gate with women friends from my local CND group.

I knew that it was too easy to blame a God in heaven for human suffering and the ills of the world … that it was up to us here on earth, now, to take responsibility and turn the tide. That perhaps we were the hands and feet and voice of God and it was up to us to change the world around us, carefully … deliberately … step by step.

I am a Quaker and a peace campaigner. For me, the two are indivisible.


Arts for Otley was formed after the Community Play (The Heart Shaped Field) in 1996 and since then has been working with others from interested groups in the town, eg. Otley Film Society, Otley Little Theatre, Otley Arts Club, Otley Folk Festival, the Town Council and Town Partnership, to establish a Community and Arts Centre. A charitable company - The Courthouse Project (Otley) Ltd - has now been formed.

The aim of the Courthouse Project is to renovate and alter the former Magistrates' Courts, cells, Probation Office and Inspector’s house on the north side of Courthouse Street, into a Community Resource and Arts Centre for Otley.

Current use of the building is by the Citizens' Advice Bureau, which occupies only a small part. The former court rooms, waiting rooms, offices and cells have been empty since the mid 1990s.

If the project goes ahead, the existing main courtroom will become a large, multi-purpose space, seating 150+, suitable for theatre, film, music, dance, exhibitions, exercise classes, meetings and so on. Elsewhere there will be a community café, a creche, a pottery room, rooms suitable for arts and crafts, a craft selling space, a computer suite for community use, small meeting rooms, sound recording studio, scrap store, ‘hot desk’ office space, workshop space, equipment hire. The Citizens’ Advice bureau will have more space. The proposed Otley Credit Union would have an office. One of the existing 19th century cells will be preserved as a museum piece and visitor attraction. There will be full disabled access and facilities, with a lift to the first floor.

Work done since 1996 includes three Arts Festivals held between 1996 and 1999, two in the former Magistrates Court. These were funded jointly by an 'Awards for All' grant and local fund-raising. There have been negotiations with the buildings’ owners, Leeds Development Agency. Liaison with potential partners has taken place, for example Otley Action for Older People, the Primary Health Care Team, and the Youth Service. Sources of funding have been investigated and a Business Plan drawn up, preparatory to making applications for grants. Money has been raised for a feasibility study, which is now being carried out.

This is an expensive project - the buildings are in a poor state of repair and the refurbishment should be as good as possible, to provide Otley people with the resources they deserve. £500,000 will give us a usable ‘shell’, it will not provide for furniture, fittings etc. More help is needed to assist with fund-raising, publicity, liaising with other groups and agencies and later, practical work on the building. A scheme for ‘Friends of the Courthouse’ will be set up as a way of giving financial support. There will be opportunities for sponsorship, by individuals, organizations and businesses.

If you would like to help with this exciting and ambitious project, please contact Hazel Costello on 01943 464431 as soon as possible.

There will be a public meeting early in 2002, when a model of the architect's plans will be on show and questions can be answered.

Hazel Costello

Foreign Aid

Christian Aid House Collection - May 2001

People's recognition of the needs of others beats inflation. In 1999 the collection was about £3000. In the year 2001, it was over £4000.


Highest Collection Ever

over £4000

Can we collect £5000 in 2002?



Over the last few months we have watched the crisis in Afghanistan unfold. It seemed clear that from a Christian point of view much of what we saw being done by the major powers was unjust. The Aid agencies requested that we wrote to Members of Parliament requesting that the bombing stops. Now the major issues are food aid and peace-keeping. From Christian Aid a quotation:

Ordinary people are tired of conflict, they say. An authority which can provide security will quickly gain vital public support.

However, our partners are unanimous that aid should not be distributed by foreign military forces. That, they say, is the responsibility of humanitarian agencies. Taking this responsibility away from humanitarian experts, who have worked in Afghanistan for many years, would undermine their legitimacy in the eyes of the Afghan people.

What can we do? Watch and pray and let those in power know how we feel if we see injustice. Be quick to respond with help as the need arises.

Bible Society 2000-2001

The annual Joint Women’s rally was at the Methodist church at 2.30 on Monday 22nd October 2001 at which Rev Gaye Pye of the Bible Society was the speaker

There were several coffee mornings at different churches during the year. About £600 has been forwarded from the account to the Bible Society.


Traidcraft in Otley

Traidcraft is an organisation that works with co-operatives in the developing countries, seeking to offer a fair trade market for their products. It improves the lives of the people behind the products, by cutting out the middle man and giving them a fair deal.

Traidcraft sells food, tea and coffee from East Africa, Latin America and India, crafts from places like El Salvador, Thailand, Zimbabwe, and recycled, environmentally-friendly cards and stationary from the UK.


Regular stalls are held at the Methodist and United Reformed Churches, both on the 2nd Sundays of the month after Parade Service.

Traidcraft is also available at many events in the town throughout the year, and orders can be made from catalogues, which include the full range of products.


CONTACTS see p.7


CAFOD stands for the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development, and is the official overseas aid and development agency of the Catholic Church in England & Wales. It funds over 1000 development projects in 75 countries and also responds to emergency situations.

At Our Lady & All Saints, Otley, we hold

two Family Fast Days a year, one in Lent and one at the Autumn Harvest. We are asked to fast or give up a special treat on one Friday and to donate the money saved to CAFOD.

In Otley we raised nearly £2,500 this year in this way. We also have occasional coffee mornings and soup lunches.



In June this year, Our Lady and All Saints Catholic Church celebrated its 150th anniversary. Eighteen months of planning was put into the week-long series of events, many of them being ecumenical, leading up to the actual day, Sunday 24th June. Due to the high numbers expected at some of the events and so that our whole parish could attend one Mass on the anniversary day, a marquee was put up on the lawn at the back of the Church. From the first note of the first hymn (appropriately "For all the Saints") in the first event – an ecumenical Songs of Praise – we knew we had a wonderful week ahead of us. A Brownies’ SingSong followed when Brownies from the 8th Otley Our Lady and All Saints played host to 80 fellow Rainbows, Brownies and Guides from Otley as they sang enthusiastically for an audience of family and friends.


On Monday evening, Simon Lindley, organist at Leeds Parish Church, gave a superb recital in the Church. A musical contrast was provided by the Children’s Disco for 10 to 15 year-olds the next evening, proving to be a lively affair. Our young people were again involved, early on the Thursday evening, when they devised a "Life in the Spirit" Mass. Poems, hymns, special bidding prayers and a youth band all lifted the liturgy.


Thursday evening saw the first performance of the play "The Hard Road". This was an historical drama based on the settling of the Irish at the time of the Potato Famine in Ireland, and the part played by Thomas Constable in building the Church here in Otley. It proved to be one of the week’s real highlights, and so popular that a repeat performance had to be provided on the Sunday evening. Based upon information provided by the Parish History Group, parishioner Lisa Gustafson, in collaboration with a few others, wrote the script and then organised and cajoled some 70 parishioners to act in the play.

Following a school Mass where pupils used puppets they had made themselves to illustrate the liturgy, volunteers brought our sick and housebound to Church on the Friday for a moving Healing Mass said by Father Tom O’Connor. This was followed by a lunch for those attending.

On Saturday, 29 of our young parishioners took their First Holy Communion. 300 family and friends attended this Mass on a day that is always special but more so because it was during our celebrations. That evening, the marquee provided the setting for a parish dance. During the night, the "dance hall" was changed into a "Church" for the one-parish Mass, which followed the re-dedication of our Church by Mgr. Canon John Murphy (representing the bishop). The Mass was concelebrated by Canon Murphy (himself a curate here just over 50 years ago), current and past parish priests.

After Mass, the wonderful sunny weather allowed everyone to join a barbecue and reflect on a wonderful week of celebration.

Colin Swanton

Useful contacts

Faith in Leeds

CLOSES December 2001

One City Project

Tel: 0113 2742021


West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council

Dr. Stephanie Rybak

62 Headingley Lane

Leeds LS6 2BX

Tel/Fax: 0113 274 7912


Email for a newsletter


English Churches Together

Inter-Church House

35-41 Lower Marsh

London SE1 7RL


Fax: 020 7928 0010

Web: www.churches-together.org.uk/

Churches Together in Britain & Ireland

Inter-Church House

35-41 Lower Marsh

London SE1 7RL

Tel: 020 7523 2041

Fax: 020 7928 0010

Web: http://www.ctbi.org.uk

Association of Interchurch Families

Inter-Church House

35-41 Lower Marsh

London SE1 7RL

Tel: 0171 523 2152

Fax: 0171 928 0010

E-mail: aife@msn.com

Offers a support network for interchurch families - for partners & parents, for growing children and young adults - and an information service for all concerned.



Mrs Marion Atkins

Chapel House

Norwood Bottom

Otley LS21 2RA

Tel: 01943 464458

Day retreat and Conference Centre

Suitable for about 20 people



The Alpha Office

Juliet Sloggett

Holy Trinity Brompton

Brompton Rd.

London SW7 1JA

Tel: 020 7581 8255

Fax: 020 7584 8536

E-mail: alpha.office@htb.org.uk

The Focalari Movement 0113 274 2808

Unity - Our Adventure

Local : 11 Drummond Ave. LS16 5JZ

WORD OF LIFE study -- 1st Friday

8.00pm at 7 Pool Road - All welcome

The Focolari Movement began in 1943 in Italy. Open to all who strive to live out gospel values and strive for unity of soul, mind and heart.

Foreign Aid Agencies

Christian Aid Area Office

Michael Fairclough

Oxford Chambers

Oxford Place

Leeds LS1 3AX

Tel: 0113 244 4764

open 9-1.30 Tues-Fri.

Email: leeds@christian-aid.org

Christian Aid National Office

PO Box 100.

35 Lower Marsh

London SE1 7RT

Tel: 020 7620 4444

Fax: 020 7620 0719

E-mail: info@christian-aid.org.uk

Web: http://www. christian-aid.org.uk

Leeds Diocesan Justice

and Peace Commission

Shelagh Fawcett

Hinsley Hall

Pastoral Centre

61 Headingley Lane

Leeds LS6 2BX

Tel/Fax: 0113 261 8055

E-mail: shelagh@leedsjp.org.uk


Amnesty International

Lynda East

4 Whitton Croft Road


LS29 9HR

Tel: 603434

Email: ageat@lineone.net

CAFOD Leeds & Hallam

St.William of York

Eccleshall Road

Sheffield S11 8TL

Tel/Fax: 0114 268 7817

E-mail: cafod@leadshallam.cablenet.co.uk


Romero Close,

Stockwell Road,

London, SW9 9TY

Tel: 020 7733 7900

Fax: 002 7274 9630

E-mail: hqcafod@cafod.org.uk

Web: http://www.cafod.org.uk

British Red Cross

Appeals, Freepost MID 21782, Halesowen, B63 3DR

Tel: 020 7201 5010



Tel: 020 8977 9144 Fax: 020 8943 3594
100 Church Road Teddington TW11 8QE

Email: enquiry@tearfund.org

Web: http://www.tearfund.org


Web: http://www.traidcraft.co.uk

For further information or a catalogue contact Hilary Eveleigh 463478

or Joyce Walls 465505

Traidcraft in Leeds is now

trade for change

20 New Market Street LS1 6DG

Tel: 0113 232 5356

Bible Society

Stonehill Green

Westlea Swindon SN5 7DG

Tel: 01793 418100

Fax: 01793 418118

E-mail: info@bfbs.org.uk

Web: http://www.bfbs.org.uk

Web: http://www.biblesociety.org

The Disasters Emergency Committee

Registered Charity No 1062638

52 Great Portland St,

London W1W 7HU

Tel: 020 7580 6550

Fax: 020 7580 2854

Email: enquires@dec.org.uk

Web: http:// www.disasters.org.uk

Churches and Fellowships in Otley

All Saints Parish Church, Otley (C of E) Diocese of Bradford - Kirkgate/Burras Lane

Sunday Services 8.00 a.m. Holy Communion

9.30 a.m. Family Service, with Holy Communion on 4th Sunday

11.00 a.m. Sung Communion, Matins on 4th Sunday

6.00pm Choral Evensong 1st Sunday

7.00p.m. Prayer & Praise Service 3rd Sunday

- Newall Church Hall.

Many other activities and events - see notice outside church

Clergy Rev. Graham Buttanshaw Tel: 462240

Rev. Phil Moon Tel: 468029


Newall Church Hall - Newall Carr Road (part of Parish Church)

Newall Ladies Fellowship - 2nd and 4th Mondays in the month at 2.30 p.m.

This hall is available for parties, groups, meetings, classes etc.

- for further information and bookings 'phone 463278

Held at Weston Social Club

Thursday pm Friendship club

- part of Otley Parish Church

Quaker Meetings for Worship in Otley (The Religious Society of Friends)

Every Sunday at 2.00 p.m. on the premises of Otley Methodist Church

- for further details, please telephone 463351

Calvary Fellowship - Church on the Way - Westgate

48-52 Westgate - first floor

Sunday Morning Worship 10.00am & most Sunday Evenings.

Monday Prayer Meeting 7.30pm

Thursday Bible Study 7.30pm

for further information contact church office 850092


Bethel Evangelical Church - Myers Croft, Station Road

Sundays Morning Service 10.30 a.m. with Sunday School and Creche, families welcome

at Thomas Chippendale Primary School, Weston Ridge.

Evening Service 6.00 p.m., except the last Sunday of each month, when we have tea together followed by an informal service, starting at 7.30 p.m. - YAC "Youth After Church - for 11+"

Kids Klub for parents, carers, toddlers... and babies too - Tuesdays 1-3 p.m.

Adventurers - for children aged 7-11 - Wednesday 6.15-7.30 p.m.

Wednesday - 1.15pm Women at Home (1st & 3rd Wed.) 7.45-9.15 Home & Away for 11+

Thursday 7.45 Church Night. Talking about God and the Bible.

- for further information contact Pastor Martin Woodier Tel: 464631

Otley Methodist Church - Boroughgate

Sunday Divine Worship 10.45 p.m. & 6.00 p.m.

Sunday School (Discoverers) 10.45 p.m.

Weekdays - A wide range of activities and fellowship meetings etc.

Details on weekly events sheet, or notice boards within entrance at back of church

Minister: Rev. Alistair Newton Tel: 462308

Baptisms, weddings by arrangement with the Minister

Caretaker: 13 Walkergate, Otley




Gospel Hall - Cross Green

Services Sunday 10.30 a.m. Breaking of Bread

6.15 p.m. Gospel Service

Tuesday 7.45 p.m. Prayer Meeting

Thursday 7.45 p.m. Bible Reading

Otley Salvation Army - Newmarket

Weekly Programme - An Open Invitation to you to get to know us better.

Sundays 10.30 a.m. and 6 p.m.: Family Worship 10.30 a.m. Children's Time

Mondays 9.30 a.m. Parents and Toddlers

7.30 p.m. Women’s Group (2nd Monday in month)

Tuesdays 2.00p.m. Senior Citizens

Wednesdays 12 noon Luncheon Club (by prior arrangement )

Fri/Sat 9 a.m. - 12 noon Drop In Time with refreshments and charity stalls ... Community 'Open Hour' - Call in for a chat over tea or coffee - Make new friends

Rest awhile - Pick up a Bargain!! - Help a good cause

For details of wider programme or other help

Major Linda Watson Tel: 465708 / 467110

New Life Church (Prayer Centre - Mercury Row)

Sundays 10.30am

Midweek Growth Groups and Young People's meetings

minister: Paul Lancaster

contact: Peter Wilkinson 465033

Our Lady and All Saints Catholic Church - Bridge Street

Masses Sunday Vigil on Saturday 6.30 p.m.

Sunday 9.30 a.m. & 11.15 a.m.

Holy Days 8.00 a.m., 9.15 a.m. & 7.30 p.m.

Week days - Mon/Wed/Th/Fri 8.30 a.m.

Tues 7.30 p.m. Sat 10.00 a.m.

Confessions Sat 10.30 a.m., 5.30 p.m. and by appointment

Devotions In Lent, May and October as well as other times

Prayer groups and other meetings - see the weekly news-sheet

Baptisms and weddings by arrangement

Further information from the Presbytery: Fr. Tom O'Connor Tel: 462146

Clitherow House Social Club near church

The Bridge Church - The United Reformed Church in Otley - Bridge Street

Sundays Family Church (creche and facilities for all ages) 10.45 a.m.

Evening Praise 6.30 p.m.

Holy Communion (First Sunday - am, Fourth Sunday - pm)

Baptism, weddings, funerals by arrangement with the Minister

Pastoral Ministry Team of Ordained Elders

There are many activities for all ages, including Parent and Toddler group, uniformed organisations, youth club, junior and senior choirs, T Bible Study group, T Club (women)

and Supper Club (men), Senior Citizens’ Day Centre; Women's Meeting.

Tel: Rev. Tony Gardiner 463058

For further information, a visit from the Minister, or literature please ring

The Christian Outreach Scheme - Ron or Amy Sweeney, Tel: Otley 863362

Praying Together at least once a month

Consider coming along to the monthly Prayer Breakfast!

On the first Saturday of each month we get together at 8.00am. for rolls and coffee, and feast together before worship at 8.30. Approximately 50 people attend and we are pleased to be graced, most months, by the presence of all the church ministers who do not necessarily take a leading role.

Each month a different church, church hall or parlour is used and various individuals or groups within each church lead. Worship varies in style from meditative prayer to faith sharing.


Peaceful Christmas


a Fruitful New Year

to all