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Christmas Services 2005

Parish Church Otley

Sunday 18th 9.30 am Allage    Nativity
Sunday 18th 6.00pm 9 lessons and Carols
Saturday 24th 4.00 pm Christingle
Saturday 24th 11.30 am Midnight Communion
Sunday 25th 8.00 am Holy Communion
Sunday 25th 10.00 am Christmas Celebration
Salvation Army Newmarket
Sunday 18th 6.0 pm. Carol Service

New Life Church Otley

Sunday 18th 10.45 am. Christmas Event

The Bridge Church Otley

Sunday 18th 6.0 pm. A service of Carols and Readings by Candlelight
Saturday 24th 4.0 pm. Crib Service (a half hour service with parents and
children in mind)
Sunday 25th 10.0 am United morning worship at the Methodist Church

Catholic Church Bridge Street

Saturday 24th Mass 10.00am and 6.00pm (Vigil Mass of Christmas, carols
from 5.30pm)
Sunday 25th Midnight Mass (carols from 11.30 pm.)
Sunday 25th Mass at 10.00am (Holy Communion will be taken out to the Sick
& Housebound after Mass)

Methodist Church

Sunday 18th 100.30 am. Nativity Service
Sunday 18th 4.0 pm. Carol Service
Saturday 24th 4.0 pm. Family Communion
Saturday 24th 11.30 pm. Midnight Communion at the Bridge Church
Sunday 25th 10.0 am Family Service