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About Us

Arthritis Care exists to support people with arthritis. We are the UKs largest organisation working with and for all people who have arthritis.

We are a user led organisation which means people with arthritis are at the heart of our work they form our membership, are involved in all of our activities and direct what we do.

Local contacts

Barbara   0113 2843101

Nancy     01943 466428

Patron Dr.C.Pease


 Arthritis Care National

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Local Meeting in the Civic Centre
between 2.00 and 4.00pm

  on the first Wednesday of the Month

Entrance to meeting is 2 and includes refreshments 
Transport is available by arrangement if required

We invite you to come and try our group. If you decide to become a member, the annual fee is 14 which includes 6 copies a year of the magazine "Arthritis News".

Speakers, Exercises, Chocolate Demonstration, Theatre Visits, 
Flower Arranging, Quizes, and New Friendships.


Contact us in North England

Opening hours: 8am 4pm, Monday to Friday. Please note a messaging service is available out of office hours or during periods when office may not be staffed

Arthritis Care North England office
Suite 2
Belle Vue Business Centre
Elm Tree Street
Tel: 01924 882150


Volunteering Contact
Gill Laidler - Volunteer Development Manager


Arthritis Care

An estimated 8 million people in the UK from all ethnic groups are effected by one of the many types of arthritis. It is the biggest cause of physical disability and effects all age groups.

Arthritis Care is the only national charity working with and for all people with arthritis. It aims to reach out to as many people affected as possible through its branches and self-help groups of which there are over 500.

Arthritis Care mission is:
To work with and for all people with arthritis to promote their health, well-being and independence through services, self-help and information and influence.